Kids' face painting is one of the most popular all year round activities in our calendar! 

Birthday parties - Family events - Community events - Sport activities - Shopping centre activities - School acts - Christmas events- Christening  and all happy events where there will be kids!

Our Face painting is tailored to your unique party requirements:

  • You will find peace of mind to know that all our products are specially made for cosmetic use.

  • Contain antibacterial ingredients

  • Face painters dot uk will only offer professionally trained face painters either at the beginning of their career of those established for many years working at a pro-level in order to offer a tailored quotation suited to your budget

  • Public Liability Insured

  • Quick designs to work on busy events such as community jobs such as  sport events, family entertainment and promotional corporate  events.

We also offer an application less rushed to produce work of art face painting to private birthday parties with great detailand more accuracy to make your little one's birthday one of a kind, never to be forgotten!  Below are images produced by our pro-facepainters, in record time with great detail and wow factor!

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